Despite our contemporary work with CNC milling, the foundations of our company were based on our wish to use old and antique wood supplies, giving them a second life. The repurposing of such materials meets the demand of newest trends and is closely connected with socially responsible business practices. In repurposing, our company promotes cleaner environment and limits deforestation, as well as giving reclaimed wood another chance to shine.

Every piece of reclaimed wood carries within itself a certain touch of history. The experience that the wood has endured while supporting a house or backing the railway tracks cannot be erased by time. The natural factors, such as the maturing of the wood under sun, wind or rain, make the material unique and inimitable in its look. Ewart Woods LLC offers the remaking of such materials into tables, chairs, mirror frames, wine racks and many other ideas. Contact usto learn more about the availability of materials and the possibilities!

What do we offer?

We offer CNC (Computerized Number Control) milling services that allow computer-based control of the milling machine, resulting in high precision work and lower prices for both small and large orders. CNC milling utilizes the same principles as a traditional mill, but instead of pulling levers and switches the operator prepares a code for the machine to utilize. This procedure allows us to limit the human error that can affect the quality of the end-product. The working area of the CNC mill is 3000x1500mm.


Where can the CNC mill be used?

The CNC mill allows for a wide variety of uses – as the device can work on the input coordinates on X Y and Z axis, it is possible to create both 2D and 3D figures. The mill at our company allows us to work on the following processes:

  • Milling
  • Cutting
  • Engraving

The practical use is varied, from everyday items such as wooden house signs to a mass production of industrial parts. It is possible to mill letters, shapes, ornaments, toys and various objects for interior design or household use.