• Exotic wooden USB

    Exotic wooden USB

    Personalized usb flash memory sticks. A combination of functional and beautiful wooden design that can…

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    Personalized USB flash drive. Wooden memory sticks - combination of functional and beautiful wooden design…

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  • Nature WOODEN USB

    Nature WOODEN USB

    Unique and natural way to save your favorite memories. Wooden USB memory sticks with natural…

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  • Mustache WOODEN USB

    Mustache WOODEN USB

    This classy usb memory stick is must have for real gentleman's box.  

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  • latvian signs WOODEN USB

    latvian signs WOODEN USB

    We have new colection of USB memory stics. Ancient  

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  • autumn WOODEN USB

    autumn WOODEN USB

    Ewart Woods is introducing new colors, wood varieties and new USB flash memory stick designs.…

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    Personalized usb flash memory sticks. A combination of functional and beautiful wooden design that can…

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  • Animal shape Wine Rack

    Animal shape Wine Rack

    Whether to serve wine in a picknick, with dinner or as a present, at least…

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  • Classical Wine rack

    Classical Wine rack

    Great wines are like great books. Once you take your first sip, they're hard to…

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  • Office wardrobe

    Office wardrobe

    How to use reclaimed wood properly? Now our office is more organized and with touch…

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  • Wardrobe with shelves

    Wardrobe with shelves

    How to breathe new life into the old and bring playfulness into your guest room?…

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  • Brain Games

    Brain Games

    Wooden brain game is the perfect way to train your memory and have a good…

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  • Wooden Decors

    Wooden Decors

    We make wooden signs and lettering of various sizes and types.

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  • Pergola


    Summer - the perfect time for a wedding.. This is our contribution to one of…

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  • Foam Letters

    Foam Letters

    We are glad to be a part of some of the most beautiful moments in…

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  • Animal Wooden Plates

    Animal Wooden Plates

    Wooden plates dinnerware made of oak.

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  • Tea Coasters

    Tea Coasters

    In the cold autumn evenings warm yourself up with a hot cup of your favourite…

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  • Jewelery rack

    Jewelery rack

    Organize your sparkles properly.

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  • Chalkboard frame

    Chalkboard frame

    Chalkboards encased in frames from reclaimed wood. Perfect fit for any event or party. Great…

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  • Business card holder

    Business card holder

    Wood business card case holders are available from different woods. Place for 7-10 business

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  • Wedding accessories

    Wedding accessories

    EWART WOODS will make wooden tables, decorations, foam letters and anything else you need to…

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